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are you running the spnwriter twitter be honest (i miss u)

I’m not!  I’ve never enjoyed perpetuating negativity, just reveling in other people’s.  (I miss you too!!!)

hi i know this blog isn't active anymore but i was wondering if i could get your opinion on what different writers and actors have said recently about dean/cas? i know a lot of fans say we shouldn't care at all but i can't help but care and i thought you would feel similarly idk like i don't know what to do anymore (cries)

I gotta say something

Tech Admin and I wish all of you out there a very happy hiatus!!  May fanwork be plentiful, fandom peaceful, and your otp willing to do that thing that you’ve secretly always wanted them to.


Hello everyone!  I figure I owe you an explanation of sorts, and even if I don’t owe you one, I’m giving it to you anyway.

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best of castiel in 8.21 the great escapist. 

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